Bidding rules for sky

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Bidding rules for sky

Post  Znozzy on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:39 am

Bidding/ Obtaining items:
  1. Players may only obtain a god drop once.
    An exception to this may be granted if someone with NQ abjuration armour obtains a –1cursed item and wishes to uncurse it into HQ armour.

  2. You can not place bids for a god run if you missed the farming runs prior to the god run.
    We usually have 1-3 farming runs before we do gods/kirin. If you can't make it due to RL, post it in the schedule forum asap, otherwise you'll be noted as "absent without a reason". If you are online but don't show up, or not online with no warning, you are being noted as "absent without a reason". If it happens too often that you can not show up "due to RL", you will be noted as absent as well.
    When being noted as "absent without a reason", you can not place your bid and thus can not obtain items other than free lot.

    This translates to: Show up to the farming runs as much as possible. If you can not show up on a regular basis, maybe you should ask yourself if this linkshell's schedule is any good for you after all.

  3. Silent auctions will take place through the forum PM system.
    A few day's notice will be given before a god run. From that time, LS members have up until 24 hours before the god run to PM a named leader(s) with their bid. For example, a god run is scheduled, including a Byakko pop. I want his Haidate, so I send a PM to the leader(s) appointed as being in charge of points/bids for that run saying what I want, and how many points I’m willing to spend on them if they drop. E.g., “Hi, I’d like to bid 250 points on Byakko’s Haidate please” and not byakko pants all points plz improper bids will most likely be ignored

  4. You can only spend points you have, and only bid up to your current point total.
    If you have 250 points, you cannot bid 150 points on one item and 200 on another in the hope that only one of them drops; but, you could bid 125 points on them both.

  5. Points will only be spent when you successfully obtain an item.
    There is no cost for placing a bid and being unsuccessful either because the item didn’t drop, or someone out-bids you.

  6. There is no minimum or maximum number of points that can/must be bid on an item.
    A bid of 1 point is still a legitimate bid, and could be enough to stop an item going free lot.

  7. If no one bids on an item, it goes free lot, initially to people who can use/equip it, but if none of those people want it, it goes free lot to the whole LS.
    Lotting a free lot item will not cost you any points.

  8. In addition, you need to be present on your own character to lot on the bidded items you won.
    Inviting friends to come over so they can lot in your stead is not done. Having someone else play your character during events is not done either. When this appears to be the case, you will be penalised.
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