Sky point rules

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Sky point rules

Post  Znozzy on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:37 am

  • 1 point per half hour of farming
  • 1 point for arriving on time to an event
  • 2 points for staying until the end of an event
  • 1 point per god defeated
  • 3 points per pop item obtained
  • -5 points starting from the second run you miss without notice
    - Edit, 16/12/07 - note that this excludes "seals" used to pop Kirin.

Extra info
  1. Points may also be awarded for other activities that benefit the LS, such as searching for a Curtana.
  2. Points for gods defeated and pop items obtained apply to all LS members present at an event, not just the party/alliance who defeats it.
  3. Points are set up in this way to encourage people to attend farming runs, rather than just god fights.
  4. You cannot "donate" your points to another person, nor can you allow someone else to lot on an item you win the bid for. People have to earn items themselves, rather than club together their points.
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