General rules for Sky

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General rules for Sky

Post  Znozzy on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:44 am

General Rules of Conduct

1. Be on time to events.
All events will be advertised beforehand on both forums and the LS message. If you expect to be late or canít attend, let a leader know, preferably on the forums.
2. Do your research and read up on the tactics on this forum.
Sky isnít really like Limbus or Dynamis with unusual rules and the like, but having people who know what to expect from monsters makes life much easier for all involved. Likewise, half the challenge of Sky is reaching the monsters, so read up on the guides for this.
3. Only lot items when told you can do so.
4. Bring sneak and invisible items!
Sky is full of magic aggro as well as sound and sight aggro, so you cannot rely on mages to sneak/invis you.
if you fail to bring sneak/invis, a penalty decided out by the leaders will be given.

5. New members will be placed on a trial period of 4 events.
During this time they will still build up points through farming and events, but cannot bid on god drops unless they go free lot to the whole LS.
6. More than anything though, try to enjoy yourself while following the above rules.
Just because we take things seriously doesnít mean we donít want to have fun; rather, these rules are in place to help make sure people enjoy events and that theyíre successful. After all, wiping to Ulli because someone canít follow orders is no fun.
7. Dual boxing to obtain a friend points is looked severly upon, if someone is found out to be dual boxing unnoticed, it can result in a termination of membership.

  1. All god drops will be distributed on a points and silent auction system
    The intention is to reward hard work, and allowing people to place their own value on items. Furthermore, most points will be obtained through farming runs.
  2. You must be able to wear/use something immediately if you wish to lot on it.
  3. Money items will be sold by the leaders and split between all members present at the god run it dropped from.
  4. Money items will first be offered to LS members for 90% of the price of the last AH transaction.
  5. Kirin osode will be sold by the linkshell leaders as money items if the following conditions are not met:
  6. a minimum bid of 250 points are placed on Kirin's osode.

  1. Warnings may be given and points deducted for failure to follow instructions from leaders.
    While everyone makes mistakes, if someone consistently makes them Ė for example, standing in the kiting path of an NM Ė then that person is a liability.
  2. Warnings will take the form of a PM on the LS forums, or a /tell ingame.
    Once a member has received two warnings, they are on very thin ice. A third warning will most likely result in being kicked from the LS.
  3. Selling god drops,such as Kirinís Osode and Pole, pop items, god seals, anything that is linkshell property is a punishable offence that will result in point deduction and a warning. discuss with leaders if you regret loting on kirin osode or the pole, it will be sold and split between the members who attended that run, and you will gain some points back, and a kick in the ass to not repeat your mistake.
  4. Points may also be deducted to punish people if necessary; for example, for showing poor attitude/being rude to others, or for poor attendance and unexplained absences.
    I understand people have RL, which obviously takes priority, but I want members I feel I can rely upon, so please try and give notice if you canít attend an event.
  5. Ninja lotting items is a punishable offence, most likely resulting in the offender being kicked from the LS and in point deductions, depending upon the severity/perceived intent of the ninja lotter.
  6. Kirin osode will be sold by the linkshell leaders as money items if the following conditions are not met:
  7. a minimum bid of 250 points are placed on Kirin's osode.
  8. Upon missing a run without notice, a member loses loting rights for the next god run he participates in, this scales.

    example: Amarok misses monday run, he now lacks loting rights for saturdays god run, if he misses saturdays god run, he lacks loting rights for the next two god runs

    if a member misses events for a long period of time, even with giving notice, it will result in a removal of loting rights, this will not be as severe as not leaving notice.

Any questions regarding Sky in NeoNephilim should be directed to Znozzy or Wolfheart.
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