General rules for Dynamis

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General rules for Dynamis

Post  Znozzy on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:46 am


NeoNephilim Dynamis Linkshell has as goal to provide a solid service of Dynamis runs. This means that entry will be free and that Relic armor distribution will be done in fair fashion. Also, when we have received a high amount of Dynamis currency, excess profit will be divided between participating members. In other words, if you invest your time, you will be rewarded.

Because Dynamis is a group effort, it is easy to under-perform. This will not be tolerated. It might seem elitist, but we expect you to come in the gear that is most appropriate. So no event gear during runs, no trial weapons you're skilling up (you can't get skill points anyways), no low level gear or gear that is wrong for your job. (Examples: a RDM wants to have enfeebling gear, a WHM wants to have gear that suits curing, a SAM wants to wear gear that enhances damage, a PLD wants to wear gear that negates damage).

Relic drops will be done in a cyclic system. You build points, and obtaining AF will reduce that amount of points. This ensures that people who joined alot of runs have a greater chance of obtaining a drop, but prevents them from automatically claiming all items.

Runs are scheduled on Monday and Thursday nights at 7PM GMT/ 8PM CET, gather together half an hour before the starting time so we can enter on time


General rules of conduct:
  1. A participating member will wear the gear that is most appropriate for his job and for his role within the Dynamis run. Inappropriate gear will not be tolerated. This includes trial weapons.
  2. a member has until the end of his trial run to adjust & gear up according to our rules.
  3. You are allowed to go AFK, only if you announce it beforehand and announce that you have returned. Being AFK for an excessive time can result in the loss of the attendance point.
    For example, being "AFK" until your relic drops and lotting on it can result in a penalty.
  4. Always follow the strategy/orders given to you by the leaders and always assist the person assigned by the leadership for that run. Do not engage slept mobs unless told so (do not engage Avatars/Pets at all).
  5. Ninja lotting or showing other forms of unfair behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. Not complying to the rules can result in a penalty. The penalty will be determined by the leadership.

  1. Dynamis currency will be collected by the leaders and sold after the run.
  2. Profit payout is determined per run. Participating members will receive an equal share of excessive profit if the member stays from the beginning of the event to its end.
  3. trial members & people who leave early recive half a payout.

Trial period:
  1. New applicants will be subject to a trial period of 4 attended events.
  2. They can not obtain any relic during the trial period, exception: free lot items, Synth materials.
  3. We will not go for the win specifcally for trial members, we go for the win when several members need it.

Any questions regarding Dynamis in NeoNephilim should be directed to either Znozzy or Edmon.
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