Rules for Limbus !Updated!

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Rules for Limbus !Updated!

Post  Chen on Sat May 24, 2008 7:11 am

General rules: Most recent updates in red.

1. Be on time. If you can't make it due to real life, tell a LS leader or post it in the schedule thread. Not showing up because you'd rather exp/make money/watch the virtual grass grow won't earn you much credit, as you don't seem to be motivated / dedicated enough for our events.

2. Read up on the strategy for setups, battle plans, and items needed. Some zones require specific items/weapons, so read the strategy section to know what you need. Make sure you also have enough skill in those types of weapons. (e.g. Club skill for blunt weapons)

3. Set in your comment two AF items you'd like to obtain from that run. We work with lotting priorities, so you have a number 1 AF (Highest priority) and number 2 AF.

Example: You have #1 Warrior and #2 White Mage. In case warrior item drops, you, and all the other #1 Warriors can lot on it. If no one wants to lot, number 2 lots on it. When that doesn't happen, it becomes a free lot.

4. Don't lot unless you're told so. No one lots on chips or coins the specified leaders. Only lot on AF when it has been announced and you have been given the OK to lot.

5. Don't open crates without permission.

Limbus specific rules:

1. New members:

  • New members have a trial period of 4 runs.
  • During the trial period they can only lot on free lot AF+1. They cannot set a #1 and #2 priority.
  • New members cannot lot on Ultima/Omega parts.

2. AF+1 Items:

  • Users have a #1 preference, which is for a level 70+ job.
  • After attending 10 runs, the player gets the right to reset his preference for the cost of 5 points, which he does so by contacting a linkshell leader. After resetting the preference, the player has to attend 10 runs to regain the right to reset his preference.
  • Users have a #2 preference, which is for any level 65 job. The player has the right to change this preference prior to each run.

3. Ultima/Omega:

  • Members will be able to choose 2 items to bid on. They will set a #1 and #2 priority on them. In order to bid, a member must:
  • Have a job level'd that can equip the piece of armor.
  • Have listed his body part(s) of choice 24 hours (not less!) prior to the event in a PM on the site to a linkshell leader. Tells in game will not be valid anymore.
  • The member must have the most attendance points in case the body part drops and several members have bid on it. Incase there is no #1 for the body part, it'll go to the member with the most points that set it as #2 priority, provided they did not obtain a #1.
  • The member must attend both Proto Omega and Proto Ultima if he wishes to lot on either of them.
  • In case a body part drops no one has in their bid(s) it will become lottable for the 3 persons with the highest points who can equip the armor.
  • When a member has obtained a body part, 4 points will be deducted from his attendance points (they will not get an attendance point from the run either).
  • One cannot obtain more than one body part per run.

4. Ancient beastcoins:

  • Coins are lotted by one person.
  • Coins are distributed to all participating members after the run.
  • A /random is used to determine who gets a part of the leftover quotient.

5. Points:
[*]For each run a member participates in, he gets one attendance point unless he leaves early or receives a #1 or #2 AF+1 item.
[*]The number of points determines lotting priority for ultima/omega parts, obtaining an ultima/omega part will deduct 4 points from your total.

6. Penalties and sanctions:

  • Failure to follow orders given by the leadership during a run, can put an entire run at risk. This can result in termination of membership.
  • Failure to notify the leadership about being unavailable for a run can result in termination of membership.
  • A removal of loting rights will be placed upon a member if he fails to leave notice if he/she is unable to show up to a run/or just plain out skips it, for example:
    Player A misses tuesdays & saturdays run without leaving notice.
    Player A now lacks loting rights for the next two runs he shows up on.
    We had to introduce this rule due to poor attendance from some members.

  • In addition to the above, failure to show up for Proto Omega/Ultima while you wish to lot on body parts will result in losing the right to lot for the rest of your career in this linkshell. Exceptions can be made for urgent REAL LIFE ONLY matters.
  • Two warnings are issued. The leadership reserves the right to terminate a membership after these two warnings.
  • Upon missing a run without notice, a member loses loting rights for the next run he participates in, this scales.

    example: Amarok misses tuesdays run, he now lacks loting rights for saturdays run, if he misses saturdays run, he lacks loting rights for the next tuesday&saturdays runs

    if a member misses events for a long period of time, even with giving notice, it will result in a removal of loting rights, this will not be as severe as not leaving notice.

Any questions regarding Limbus in NeoNephilim should be directed to either Kinikki or Wolfheart.

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Re: Rules for Limbus !Updated!

Post  Znozzy on Wed Oct 22, 2008 2:16 am

when you have finished reading the rules, put the password: LI at the very end of your application.
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