Dynamis area information for dummies!

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Dynamis area information for dummies!

Post  Znozzy on Thu Nov 06, 2008 6:01 am

*Be aware of Silencega from the Goblin TP move Goblin Dice, Bring Echo Drops if required.

*Do not melee Orc NM’s due to Charmga TP move.

*Avoid agroing the “Death House”, as this can cause a wipe/failed run, by sticking close to the relevant walls when told.
*Bring Echo Drops if required.
*Be aware of Silencega from BST Crows, try to keep them silenced.
*Keep a clear path is the centre of bridges for the puller.

*As mobs from all city runs are present, see above.
*Hydra type mobs cannot be slept and must be kited.

*Point RNG or NIN type mobs away from the Alliance as the ranges attack move is a cone, melees attempt to attack from behind.
*Be aware of Dispelga from the BST pet Wyverns TP move Dispelling Wind, check Reraise.
*Be aware of agroing Znozzy incase thief gloves have not dropped.
*Be aware of agroing nyvec incase valor surcoat have not dropped.
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