Koshiro's Application

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Koshiro's Application

Post  Guest on Wed Oct 29, 2008 12:58 pm

Character Name: Koshiro

Main Job: DRG

Other 75 Jobs: SAM BRD BLU 74RDM (I can cast Stun from /DRK at that level, so yes, it counts. =p)

Support Jobs and Levels: 42NIN 37WAR 37RNG 37DRK 46THF 37WHM 42BLM 37DNC

Chains of Promathia Mission Status: Completed.

Time Zone: Central Standard. Usually on all day, though. D:

Previous Endgame Linkshells and why you left: Uh... I don't remember the first, but followed by Outlawz and KnightsofLimbus. They both were broken.

Has anyone Referred you to NeoNephilim? Techno

Other Information: Most cross-job merits completed, though still working on job-specific; SAM is nearly fully merited. As you can probably guess, I've ran through every Limbus zone more than once and even had experience leading runs. Willing to attend every single run and help what I can (and I also heard that you do ZNMs, which I enjoy and would also like to participate in), and being cheated out of getting gear more than once only makes me want it more. :<


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Re: Koshiro's Application

Post  Znozzy on Fri Oct 31, 2008 4:22 pm

accepted on trial, pick up your pearl from:
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