Nedman: Dynamis Application Form

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Nedman: Dynamis Application Form

Post  Nedman on Thu May 29, 2008 10:01 am

Character Name: Nedman
Main Job: Mnk
Other 75 Jobs: N/A
Support Jobs and Levels: War 37 / Nin 29(currently working towards 37)
Dynamis Zones Cleared: New to Dynamis
Primary Relic Armour Choice: Mnk
Time Zone: GMT
Previous Endgame Linkshells and why you left: N/A
Has anyone Referred you to NeoNephilim? Xxmchenryxx
Other Information? I will be able to make dynamis 60% of the time + Problem i have is working for an oil company so wont always be able to make 6.30 but will try my best. I am new to 75 and am currently working on merits and geting my nin subjob to 37. I also plan on lvling Blm or Brd in the near future to 75 which i think will be helpfull. I am a keen player and enjoy learning from more experienced players to which i show the upmost respect.

Look forward to hearing from yas Wink

Kawaii Ned~♪ (*^-^*)

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Re: Nedman: Dynamis Application Form

Post  Chen on Thu May 29, 2008 10:05 am

you were abit slow posting application nedman Mad lol, but leaders have already discussed it, and you've been accepted,.
meet us tonight in jeuno in ru'lude gardens @ 6:30UK time.

come mnk/war, and as soon as you have /nin you'll come to dynamis as that fulltime. Also about your 60%~ attendance, if you are aware of whether you're able to make the event 1-2 days before, please post on the site. On your late days, you can still enter the zone late to get the win, so please long on when you get home so we can get you the wins Smile (we're doing all 4 basic city runs now before moving back to the northlands)

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