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Post  Allurea on Sat Jun 21, 2008 11:43 am

Character Name:Allurea
Main Job:THF 75
Other 75 Jobs: RNG
Support Jobs and Levels: 39SAM, 39NIN, 38WAR, 34MNK
Dynamis Zones Cleared:all cities with access to dreamworlds and outlands
Primary Relic Armour Choice:THF/rng
Time Zone:EST U.S.A (-5 GMT)
Previous Endgame Linkshells and why you left:Reddawn/Suicideblue unreliable, drama ridden, refusal of LS owners to require ppl to uphold a certain decorrum: previous Sky LS the leaders moved to another server and took the forkin gil w/them!
Has anyone Referred you to NeoNephilim? If so, who?Alphaone and Xelestria
Other Information: I have Sky experience on RNG with capped and merited marksmanship, archery, and throwing. I have some crimson gear as well as Seiryu's Kote, a bucky knife for BB, and a Seal of Genbu. I am interested in going back up there, I used to handle the wind throwing(hence the capped/merited throwing on RNG).
I have very good gear for both RNG and THF (too much to list) but not fully merited on either.
THF: Assassins Charge, Aura Steal and Ambush 1/?, next is Feint, Tripple Atk 2/?
RNG: Stealth Shot, Flashy Shot, Snap Shot, Rapid Shot 1/?
I have limited Sea/Limbus experience but I do have some as well as partial upgrade mats. I badly need a UFO organ for my Breeze Gorget to help w/WS's for both RNG and THF(I have all the other mats already!!!)

Rank 10 all nations
RoZ: The Celestial Nexus
ToAU:Shield of Diplomacy
WotG:current cap

Hope to see you all soon


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