Please read before applying. Applications OPEN

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Please read before applying. Applications OPEN

Post  Kinikki on Sat May 24, 2008 8:34 am

Welcome to NeoNephilim (formally NephilimLS) and thank you for your interest in joining the linkshell. Right now applications are OPEN to SOME jobs.

At the moment our job requirements are as follows:

High priority - BLM, COR, BRD, SCH, PUP(of course!), RDM
Medium priority - DD's
Low priority -
No Priority -

Unless you have one of the jobs mentioned above, we will not accept you (unless you have like, the best gear ever). Sorry!

Joining Requirements for Dynamis:
  • Atleast one 75 job.
  • Dynamis access.

If you feel you fit the bill, please fill in the following form and post it in the Applications forum:

Application Form-
Character Name:
Main Job:
Other 75 Jobs: (Note: If any of your 75 jobs are retired, please specify)
Support Jobs and Levels:
Dynamis Zones Cleared:
Primary Relic Armour Choice:
Time Zone:
Previous Endgame Linkshells and why you left:
Has anyone Referred you to NeoNephilim? If so, who?
Other Information: (Anything that you think will help with your application like Merit info, experience and gear)

Cross Server Applicants-

Name on your previous Server:
Previous Server:
Why you left:

Please note: It may take 1-7 days to process your application. You will be notified here if your application is successful or unsuccessful. (even longer sometimes, depending on the person, background checks.)


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